Thursday, June 27, 2013

Article on Monitor Your Key Performance Indicators using WSO2 BAM.

I've written an article for WSO2 library explaining how to Monitor your Key Performance Indicators  using WSO2 BAM 

WSO2 BAM an enterprise-ready, fully-open source, complete solution for aggregating, analyzing and presenting information about business activities also it supports big data analytics and storage capability via Apache Hadoop, Hive and Cassandra.

This article focuses on KPI monitoring via WSO2 BAM. The article flows based on the following topics.

  • Introduction
  • BAM architecture
  • Use case
    • KPIs for this use case
  • Collect information for the usecase.
    • BAM data-agent (Java API)
    • Non Java Data-agent
    • REST API
  • Viewing collected information using Cassandra explorer
  • Data Analysis
    • Writing a hive script for analyzing captured data
  • Visualizing the KPIs.

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