Sunday, March 18, 2012

WSO2 BAM 2.0.0-Alpha 2 released..!!!!

After working hard on releasing BAM-2.0.0 Alpha2, We were able to release it on 13th March 2012.

This is the release note :

WSO2 team is pleased to announce the release of version 2.0.0 - ALPHA 2 of WSO2 Business Activity Monitor.
WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (WSO2 BAM) is a comprehensive framework designed to solve the problems in the wide area of business activity monitoring. WSO2 BAM comprises of many modules to give the best of performance, scalability and customizability. These allow to achieve requirements of business users, dev ops, CxOs without spending countless months on customizing the solution without sacrificing performance or the ability to scale.
WSO2 BAM is powered by WSO2 Carbon, the SOA middleware component platform.

The binary distribution can be downloaded at

  1. Service Data Agent - Sample to install Service data agent, publish statistics and intercepted message activity from Service Hosting WSO2 Servers such as WSO2 AS, DSS, BPS, CEP, BRS and any other WSO2 Carbon server with the service hosting feature
  2. Mediation Data Agent - Sample to install Mediation data agent, publish mediation statistics and intercepted message activity using Message Activity Mediators from the WSO2 ESB
  3. Data center wide cluster monitoring - Sample to simulate two data centers each having two clusters sending statistics events, perform summarizations and visualize them in a dashboard
  4. End - End Message Tracing - Sample to simulate messages fired from a set of servers to WSO2 BAM and set up message tracing analytics and visualizations of respective messages
  5. KPI Definition - Sample to simulate receiving events from a server (ex: WSO2 AS), perform summarizations and visualize product and consumer data in a retail store
  6. Fault Detection & Alerting - Sample to simulate receiving events from a server (ex: WSO2 ESB), detect faults and fire email alerts


  • Data Agents
    1. Pre built data agents - Service Data Agent for the WSO2 AS, DSS, BPS, CEP, BRS and any other WSO2 Carbon server with the service hosting feature and Mediation Data Agent for the WSO2 ESB
    2. A re-usable Agent API to publish events to the BAM server from any application (samples included)
    3. Apache Thrift based Agents to publish data at extremely high throughput rates
    4. Option to use Binary or HTTP protocols
  • Event Storage
    1. Apache Cassandra based scalable data architecture for high throughput of writes and reads
    2. Carbon based security mechanism on top of Cassandra
  • Analytics
    1. An Analyzer Framework with the capability of writing and plugging in any custom analysis tasks
    2. Built in Analyzers for common operations such as get, put aggregate, alert, fault detection, etc.
    3. Scheduling capability of analysis tasks
  • Visualization
    1. Drag and drop gadget IDE to visualize analyzed data with zero code
    2. Capability to plug in additional UI elements and Data sources to Gadget IDE
    3. Google gadgets based dashboard

Reporting Issues

WSO2 encourages you to report issues, enhancements and feature requests for WSO2 BAM. Use the issue tracker for reporting any of these.


Fer Troya said...

Hi, I've noticed that with this ALPHA release also some DB2 scripts are included.

This really catches my attention because I don't see you can just change NoSQL storage with a relational one?

So what's the purpose of those scripts?
(I'm new to your product as you can see)

Kasun Weranga Gunathilake said...

Hi Troya,

These DB2 scripts we use internally for creating database for registry. We are using registry for storing some resources, properties and user management details required for BAM. So these scripts are use for different purpose. As NoSQL storage we are using Cassandra and we use it for storing events coming to BAM and retrieving those events later for analyzing.

Fer Troya said...

Thanks Kasun for your answer! It was very clarifying.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner; Blogger doesn't seem to notify about blog responses.

Are you planning to release a new Alpha version before the 2.0.0 release?


Anonymous said...

Yes currently we are doing some milestone releases. We will inform these releases through and mailing lists. If you subscribe to these mailing lists you can get updates about BAM 2.0.0.